About Peanut Butter & Jam Sessions

A wonderful way to encourage music appreciation, expose to different instruments, teach listening skills, encourage confidence in a group setting, and a wonderful activity to share with the whole family.”- a PB&J Parent

Peanut Butter & Jam Sessions brings families together for a musical encounter that provides a friendly, educational, and enjoyable introduction to classical music. Designed for ages two to six, these interactive concerts will touch, teach, and enrich your child’s life.

During PB&J performances, children are invited to sit on the floor, close to the performers, allowing them to be part of the action. To enhance the experience for young children, a music educator hosts each concert, leading movement, dances, beat patterns, songs, and Q&A. At the end of the concert, families are invited to meet the performers and get an up-close introduction to their instruments. And thanks to Graeter’s, each child receives a free cookie after the session!

Peanut Butter & Jam Sessions FAQs

What times are these sessions? How long is each session?
All PB&J concerts (except where noted on the schedule) take place on Saturday mornings at 10:00am and 11:30am, and each session lasts approximately forty minutes.

Do I have to buy tickets ahead of time for a specific date/time?
For flexibility, tickets are always available at the door. We accept cash, check, or credit cards (AMEX, Discover, Visa, or MC). If you prefer to purchase in advance, feel free to call 513.381.6868 or purchase online. (While not required, we recommend purchasing in advance if you plan to use a credit card. It will save you time at the door with little ones in tow!) All tickets are flexible and may be used for any PB&J date, location or time!

How do I reserve my seat?
No reservations required!

How much does each session cost?
$6 for an individual ticket (child or adult)
$20 for a Flex-book of 4 tickets (buy 3, get an additional ticket for $2)
Children under the age of two are free!
Again, all tickets are flexible and may be used for any PB&J date, location or time!

May I bring my older child along?
Absolutely! While PB&J’s activities and concepts are presented to connect with 2 – 6 year-olds, older children and adults still enjoy the music and the content as well. PB&J is designed for the entire family to enjoy music together.

Are the venues wheelchair-accessible?
Yes, with the exception of performances at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center and Williams Avenue Elementary School, all PB&J venues are wheelchair-accessible. Each concert program (fall, winter, & spring) are offered at a variety of fully-accessible venues, so be sure to choose a location that works best for you. ♿